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Hi, If you would like to be a contributor or a full-time author for Financial Swing. We offer you an opportunity to reach your desired and targeted audience. Follow the below guidelines and make sure that your content is eligible for posting in Financial Swing. All the articles or blog posts should be unique and pass through our premium plagiarism check tool. Plagiarism is strictly not allowed.

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Guidelines for Guest Posting in Financial Swing Website.

Guest Posting Guidelines:

• Should Submit Unique Content. Should pass plagiarism check.
• Royalty-Free Images (Non-Copyright) which are relevant to your article topics are accepted. If not, we will upload a relevant image based on the topic.
• Once the Blog or Article is published on our site, you should not republish the same article again anywhere else.
• Check the suggested topics below.
• Your article should be at least 1000 words count.
• You can add only 2 backlinks (Do-Follow) for each article, one at the top other at the end of the article.
• You can write Business, Finance, Debt, Insurance, Real Estate, Gold, Credit, Loan, Mortgage, Tax, Bonds, Money-Saving Tips, Loans, Investment,  and More Topics Related to the mentioned Categories.

Send your article request through email directly at info.financialswing@gmail.com. We will get back to you soon. Write For Us.

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